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Adele McAlear, a social-media and marketing marketing consultant, turned interested on this topic a few years in the past, when one of her common Twitter contacts died. — that bizarre dude on the subway. Maybe the momentous and the momentarily amusing add up to a delightful technique of real-time connection, however what do they add up to when we’re gone? The legacy of a life you hope your survivors will remember?

Or a jumble of “digital litter” for them to kind through? ON OCT. 18, 2009, Mac Tonnies updated his weblog, sent out some public tweets and non-public messages via Twitter, went to mattress and died of cardiac arrhythmia. Whereas he had experienced some symptoms that indicated potential heart problems, his sudden death came as a shock even to those who knew him properly. Tonnies lived in Kansas Metropolis, Mo.

He was single and childless, owned two cats and paid his bills by means of workaday jobs, behind the counter at Starbucks or doing cellphone work for a small advertising company. He was also a writer (he had simply finished a draft of his third e book) with an adventurous intellect. His audience was small, but devoted. Tonnies, who started his weblog, Posthuman Blues, in 2003, was an especially active person of online media and forged many friendships with folks he never met within the physical world.

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Lots of his pursuits had been distinctly future-oriented, including speculative or fringe topics that sound to most individuals like science fiction. Usually this was the widespread ground of those on-line relationships: a freewheeling consideration of the very nature of humanity. Rita J. King, an knowledgeable on online identification and persona who is an “innovator in residence” for I.B.M., was launched to Tonnies by way of e-mail in 2004, and so they stored in frequent contact. “He is the one I had all my conversations with, early on, about technology and consciousness,” she says.

Possibly a typical venti latte purchaser in Kansas Metropolis would have discovered that puzzling and dismissed some of Tonnies’s different pursuits (U.F.O.’s, life on Mars, the paranormal) as flat-out bizarre. But online, he wasn’t some guy with numerous strange concepts. He was himself. And he attracted an eclectic group of equally minded buddies.

15,” a set of three images with no text. The first remark to this submit got here from an nameless reader, wondering why Tonnies had not up to date the weblog or tweeted for 2 days. Some related feedback adopted, after which this: “Mac Tonnies passed away earlier in the week. Our condolences are together with his family and buddies on this time of grief.” The author of that remark was also anonymous. After a rapid back-and-forth about whether or not this startling news was true and some particulars of the circumstances, that post’s comment section reworked into a remarkable mix of tributes, grieving and commiseration.

You can still learn all this right this moment, in a thread that runs to more than 250 comments. “It was a really strange feeling,” Dana Tonnies, Mac’s mom, informed me, describing how she and her husband became aware of the swirl of activity attaching to her son’s on-line self. Plattner was one among a number of on-line friends who got concerned in memorializing Tonnies and his work.

Dia Sobin, an artist who lives in Connecticut, met Tonnies online round 2006; they communicated often by e-mail and telephone, but by no means met in individual. She created art for Tonnies’s site and for the cover of what turned out to be his final e book. Lower than two weeks after he died, she started a blog referred to as Post-Mac Blues. “I only ever knew him over Twitter,” Sarah Cashmore , a graduate student in Toronto, instructed me.

She shared his enthusiasm for design and expertise and realized of his loss of life from Twitter contacts. “I was really devastated,” she says. A few months later, she teamed up with a number of different members of Tonnies’s Twitter circle to begin a second Tonnies-targeted blog, Mac-Bots. This outpouring of digital grief, memorial-making, documentation and self-expression is unusual, possibly unique, for now, because of the form of person Tonnies was and the sorts of mates he made on-line. But perhaps, his friend Rita King suggests, his story can be a sort of early signal of one way that digital afterlives may play out. And she doesn’t simply imply this in an abstract, scholarly method.

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